Ties3 The Company You Keep

"Mimi Lodge and football player Vic Golinski were nearly arrested 12 years ago when they shared a frisky moment in a fountain after facing off during a panel discussion about Title IX sports. When Mimi and Vic, now CEO of his family's stone business, are reunited to take part in the discussion again, the sparks are still flying. But their attraction is hindered by Mimi's trauma from a recent kidnapping experience while reporting in Chechnya. Kelleher's strong characterization and sparkling descriptions make for an entertaining read, and Mimi's fun, quirky personality shines in spite of her harrowing experience."
4 stars --Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times

Ties2 A Rare Find

"When Nick Rheinhardt, the host of a food-related travel show, travels to his alma mater to give the commencement speech, he meets Penelope Bigelow, a scholar who works for the university library--and an amazing cook. The two are instantly attracted to each other, but can a serious relationship cure Nick's wanderlust and his desire to remain free? This is a light-hearted read combining vivid description, likable characters and a fun setting. Reading the detail descriptions of the university and the surrounding town will make readers wish they had attended the Ivy League-esque fictitious school."
4 stars --Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times

Ties1 On Common Ground

"When Lilah Evans returns to her alma mater to receive an award, she runs into Justin Bigelow, her ex-boyfriend's college roommate. Having always thought of Justin as a player, she's surprised to hear that he's passionate about his job as a kindergarten teacher. As the two renew their friendship, they soon realize it's turned into something greater. Kelleher does a wonderful job creating believable characters. Lilah is both strong and sexy, and her minor insecurity only serves to make her more likable, while Justin's tenderness and love of children will make readers swoon."
4 stars --Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times

"Although she vowed to never go back, Grantham University graduate Lilah Evans returns to her alma mater to receive the Distinguished Alumni award at the ten year reunion. At the event Lilah and Justin Bigelow, her college boyfriend's roommate, meet. They chat over old times and what each has done since graduating. He especially shocks her with his passion about being a kindergarten teacher as her memory of him is that of an egotistical BMOC player.

Lilah is further stunned when she learns Justin nominated her for the award. Far from being the self-indulged big man on campus jock, he is a caring person. As she revises her opinion of him, Lilah falls in love while Justin has been in love for over ten years.

This is a tender second chance relationship drama as Lilah realizes how wrong her misconceptions about this jock are as he proves to be a tender caring person who loves his work (I admire elementary school teachers especially the younger grades as it take a special person as those who can teach). Readers will enjoy their changing dynamics as this pair makes a wonderful warm couple."
Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round Reviews

Invitation Invitation to Italian

"Ob-gyn doctor Julie Antonelli loves to fight for her beliefs, but when she clashes with her hospital's administrator, Dr. Sebastiano Fonterra, her beliefs aren't the only thing that gets her fired up. Unfortunately, both Julie and Sebastiano are holding on to guilt from their pasts. Julie still feels terrible over a driving accident that killed a friend, and Sebastiano is still guilty over leaving his wife after the death of their child. This is a well-written story offering characters with real depth."
4 stars --Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times

Family Family Be Mine

"After finding her fiance in a compromising position with another man on her wedding day, Sarah Halverston is alone and pregnant, but she's determined to raise her child on her own. When fainting spells render her unable to drive and in need of help, her friends foist her upon Huntington Phox, the son of a local philanthropist who has plenty of time to spare because he is recovering from cancer. And even though Sarah's pregnant with another man's child, he finds her irresistible. Colorful characters, sparkling dialogue and a novel plot make this a hard story to resist. Hunt is as charming as Sarah is likable and quirky secondary characters only add charm to the tale."
4.5 stars --Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times

Teacher Falling for the Teacher

"Home on a leave of absence from her job, after having been shot during a robbery, financial expert Katarina Zemanova agrees to teach an adult class on finances. When she finds out that Ben Brown, a man she thought was a student, is actually a financial whiz brought in to help her lecture for one class, she's immediately attracted and wants to help his son. Determined to get over her insecurity and panic from the shooting, Kat convinces Ben, who's battling his own demons, to help her with the class. The two come together with some delightfully zany help. Kelleher's novel plotline and fun characters will delight readers. In spite of her experiences, Kat comes across as determined, while Ben's strength of character is clearly depicted. Kelleher's novel plotline and fun characters will delight readers."
4 stars--Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times

French The French Connection

"With its fun, crazy cast of characters, THE FRENCH CONNECTION is pure entertainment. The chick lit tone fits the story perfectly and I loved how the romance between Shelley and Edmond developed. Shelley handles the problems that come her way admirably and in a very believable manner. Edmond, the Count de Montfort, is more than he seems and has reason to be suspicious of Shelley and her motivations in coming to France. Shelley and Edmond are perfect together and their interactions are fun to read. Shelley also comes away learning a lot about who she is and what she is capable of doing when she puts her mind to it. The story just races along and I even laughed out loud a few times. THE FRENCH CONNECTION is a perfect pick-me-up and a joy to read. Tracy Kelleher has written a fun, exciting, and humorous read."
Nicole Hulst, CataRomance Reviews

Harry The Truth About Harry

"Denied a promotion, then assigned to write filler for the obituary page, reporter Lauren Jeffries amuses herself by concocting a fictitious tribute to a war hero. But instead of being fired when it gets into the paper, Lauren's asked to cooperate with art theft investigator Sebastian Alberti, who is seeking valuable objects possibly stolen by the man she wrote about. Puzzled and attracted, Lauren goes along for the ride -- and both she and Sebastian get more than they bargained for! Tracy Kelleher's The Truth About Harry (4) effectively mixes stirring sensuality with sophisticated humor and light suspense."
4 stars--Catherine Witmer, Romantic Times

All It's All About Eve

"A series of small thefts from Eve Cantoro's lingerie shop brings hunky cop Carter Moran into her life. He's just the kind of guy she's been looking for -- but when he makes a purchase before departing, Eve's convinced that he's taken. Once she gets over that notion, there's still the matter of the real secret Carter's been keeping from her -- and the very real danger that Eve's in. Tracy Kelleher's IT'S ALL ABOUT EVE (4) is all about well-rounded characters, sizzling love scenes and witty dialogue."
4 stars--Catherine Witmer, Romantic Times

Everybody Everybody's Hero

"Shooting pictures of star hockey player Jason Doyle for a magazine spread should be a snap for photographer Claire Marsden. But Jason's not what she expects. After spending a couple of days following him around, she discovers that he's smart and funny -- and obviously as attracted to her as she is to him. Jason's the real deal... all he has to do is make Claire believe it. Newcomer Tracy Kelleher makes a terrific debut with EVERYBODY'S HERO (3), a fun story with great characters and lots of witty banter."
3 stars--Catherine Witmer, Romantic Times

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