Ties_3 The Company You Keep

Running slam-dunk into Vic Golinski at her college reunion leaves Mimi Lodge with a lot of questions. Back in the day, they were Grantham University's start athletes and polar opposites. If she said left, he said right. If he said hot, she said cold. All of that opposition had an unexpected consequence: a heated attraction....

So will she and Vic still clash like the fiercely competitive jocks they once were? Life might have softened their beliefs, but clearly that incredible chemistry is still there. As the reunion unfolds, every meeting is a study in grown-up lust -- and restraint -- as they decide where these exhilarating feelings are taking them.

Romantic Times says ''Kelleher's strong characterization and sparkling description make for an entertaining read, and Mimi's fun, quirky personality shines....''

The third installment of the School Ties Trilogy ''The Company You Keep'' will be available in July of 2012.

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