Ties_3 The Company You Keep
NEWS! The Company You Keep, the third in the School Ties series for Superromance came out in July 2012. Running slam-dunk into Vic Golinski at her college reunion leaves Mimi Lodge with a lot of questions. Back in the day, they were Grantham University's start athletes and polar opposites. If she said left, he said right. If he said hot, she said cold. All of that opposition had an unexpected consequence: a heated attraction....

So will she and Vic still clash like the fiercely competitive jocks they once were? Life might have softened their beliefs, but clearly that incredible chemistry is still there. As the reunion unfolds, every meeting is a study in grown-up lust -- and restraint -- as they decide where these exhilarating feelings are taking them.

Romantic Times says ''Kelleher's strong characterization and sparkling description make for an entertaining read, and Mimi's fun, quirky personality shines....'' Read an excerpt here.

A Rare Find
A Rare Find, the second in the School Ties series for Superromance came out in April 2012. How does a rule-abiding, accomplished woman fall for a rebel college dropout? It's something rare-books curator Penelope Bigelow is still trying to figure out! Regardless of what logic she tries to use, the proof remains that when celebrity chef Nicholas Rheinhardt is around, her composure takes a vacation. With all the reunion festivities, it's hard to avoid him ...especially since he needs her expertise in antiquities for an upcoming episode of his cable travel show. Too bad the past isn't what Penelope's focusing on when she's with Nick. There's more to him than his infamous reputation--and that intrigues her. Penelope isn't looking for perfection...even though Nick's coming very close! Romantic Times says ''This is a light-hearted read combining vivid description, likable characters and a fun setting. Reading the detail descriptions of the university and the surrounding town will make readers wish they had attended the Ivy League-esque fictitious school.'' Read an excerpt here.

On Common Ground
On Common Ground, the first in the School Ties series for Superromance came out in February 2012. When Lilah Evans returns to her alma mater to receive an award, she runs into Justin Bigelow, her ex-boyfriend's college roommate. As the two renew their friendship, they soon realize it's turned into something greater. Romantic Times says ''Kelleher does a wonderful job creating believable characters. Lilah is both strong and sexy, and her minor insecurity only serves to make her more likable, while Justin's tenderness and love of children will make readers swoon.'' Read an excerpt here.

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