Eve It's All About Eve...

Eve Cantoro's lingerie shop in the middle of quaint town, U.S.A., is causing quite a stir. She's not worried, however, because despite the gossip, the silky, satiny unmentionables are flying off her shelves. Some have even been stolen. After the second theft, Eve refuses to back down -- it's time for action! So she calls in the cops...well, one cop. And an amazing one at that.
Carter Moran doesn't know tap pants from a sink tap, but after taking one look at the shop's sexy owner, he's willing to learn. And investigate. Though he's the one with the secret. Carter's hoping it won't get in the way -- he and Eve can't get enough of each other. Together they've become inseparable in every every room. He can't not be with her. Something about her speaks to him and it's shouting sex, sex, sex!
And suddenly tap pants aren't the only thing going missing....

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